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  1. Audible last-heard position plotting

    I'm an avid audiobook listener, but I sometimes struggle with losing my place in my books if I fall asleep while listening or if my book autoplays on my (muted) car stereo for a long drive. This project is an attempt to help me find my lost place.

  2. Lazylinks: Link pages for lazy people

    Over the last few months I've found myself wishing I had a simple website I could send someone to help them find my various accounts. Between layoffs and social media network meltdowns, I know a lot of people who are setting up similar sites.

  3. Windows Volume Control with NK2 Tray

    A little over two years ago I found myself fighting with multiple soundcards, ground loop hum, software audio routing messes, and a tangle of cables. Why? I simply wanted the mixer on my desk to directly control game audio, music, and voice chat channels independently.

  4. Ghost Default Theme (Casper) Dark-Mode

    So I really like the default theme that comes with Ghost, but I really dislike light backgrounds. I don't want to go through the trouble of maintaining my own fork of the theme, and while there are dark themes out there, many of them are quite ugly and lack the features of Casper.