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New Site & Financial Advice

This blog post originally appeared on and has been copied here for posterity and to remind myself of what I was like in 2008.

First things first, I wanted to note that a lot of my time and effort recently has gone into my new site: - A new community for those of the engineering profession in World of Warcraft. Secondly, I wanted to share a bit of financial advice one of my company's executives gave us at our quarterly meeting:

If, five years ago, you invested 1000 dollars in Delta Airlines, today you would have about 50 bucks.

If you invested 1000 dollars in AIG, today you'd have nothing whatsoever.

If you invested 1000 dollars in beer, drank it all and recycled the cans, you'd have about 200 bucks in refunds.

So the moral of this story is "Drink heavily... and recycle!"